So… Off to work… Not really motivated. The imagination me sitting on this chair for 8 hours not talking to anyone because everybodys so occupated and concentraded is pi**ing me off. Id rather do a work thats more social. But whatever… Thats life.



Well.. there are too many people (my opinion!) that live their life how they should and not how they want to. They adapt themselves to people they hate, to a society they dont like, to rules they dont like. For many people, this is an easy way of living. Adaption means no problems. But Im truly asking myself… Why do you want to live in an society you HAVE to adapt before they accept you? Why don’t you want to do what you WANT to do…


My first blog

Hi world… that’s ma first blog and there are going 2 be a lot more 😉

so follow me and ill tell u whats going on in my life!